Transform your old bathroom and kitchen fixtures into new sparkling piece of art

Bathroom Refinishing NYC

Almost all fixtures can be refinished in your bathroom saving you a huge amount of money. Supreme Bath Refinishing NYC offers budget friendly alternative to replacement which is very essential in a down economy. After saving money, which is the first priority comes the second one which is TIME. Typically the whole bathroom refinishing process takes up about a DAY and 3-4 hour for complete service. After our visit to you will have your old bathroom fixtures transformed into new sparkling piece of art.

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Chip, Crack & Bathtub Scratch Repair

Damaged bathtub, shower, sink….etc? We can fix any chip, crack or scratch matching your bathtub color so no one will know that anything happened to it. Our bathtub scratch repair is the best in New York. New construction? Something fell down on your fixture? No worries, we are just a call away. Contractors are welcome! The best bathtub crack repair brooklyn can offer!

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Bathroom Resurfacing NYC & Bathtub Refinishing NY

Bathtub Non-Slip Anti-Slip Solutions - Bathtub non-slip can be added to any bathtub surface as a stand-alone solution or built in to our bathtub refinishing nyc coating services. Provides a safe and secure feeling. Our bathtub anti-slip services do not have any sharp grit and provide comfort while bathing or getting in or out of your bathtub.

And you will feel more secure!

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Tile Refinishing NYC & Bathroom Caulking Brooklyn

Have an old, molded, worn out Tile & Grout, we have the solution. Our process allows your Tile and Grout to breathe a new life. We can change the color or you can always stay with color that you have already. Or if you want to go an extra mile, you can have our Imitation Stone Finish. Since our coatings are mold resistant you will never have those ugly and black marks again. So, do not wait give your fixtures a new LIFE!

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Eco Green

From the beginning, Supreme Bath Refinishing NYC has offered customers the smartest solution for making surfaces elegant, while also being conscious of environmental impact. Our Low VOC compliant coatings are safe for you and our environment. We are keeping material out of landfills by refinishing instead of replacing. Our customers repeatedly say that's a factor in their decision-making.

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Supreme Bath Refinishing NYC has long term experience serving commercial properties since 2000 in New York tri state area. We carry all insurances and licenses that can be required in your property.

We’ll inspect your property, and discuss your budget & timeline. We’ll prepare a detailed project quote and timeline for your approval.

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Put your countertops in a higher level with Supreme Bath Refinishing’s revolutionary Countertop Resurfacing – without breaking the bank. Using our Imitation Stone Finish coatings we’ll transform your kitchen or bathroom countertops at a fraction of the cost of real stone. No inconvenience, mess or hassle, either. Bath and Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing has never been so easy – your surfaces will be ready to use in just one day!

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Bathtub Drain Renewal

In need of bath drain renewal? A corroded or damaged bathtub drain makes your bathtub’s look ugly even your bathtub is already refinished. Choosing the bathtub drain renewal system we will ensure you years of trouble free operation and minimal maintenance. From 14 finishes we offer, you will be able to match it to all your other bathroom fixtures including your tub overflow cover.

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Liner Removal.

Had a bad experience with your bathtub liner. Is it cracked? Water trapped on the bottom? Bad smell? Doesn’t shine? Worn Out? Now you are convinced that Liners do not last as much long as advertised. We can help! Remove the liner and refinish a bathtub.

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Replacement Tub vs. Bathtub Liner vs. Refinishing

Replacement Involves the cost of removal, new bathtub purchase, plumbing work, tile and surround repairs, floor repairs, as well as the time involved and mess of construction.

Bathtub Liners are expensive and leak water! Tub Liners also have a bad reputation for flexing and cracking as well as developing leaks around the drain causing foul odors. By putting a plastic over your existing bathtub or tile, you will lose natural shine and feel of porcelain.

NYC Bathtub Painting is durable and affordable alternative. A proper bathtub restoration process using the right materials and techniques can put back in life your worn out fixtures in a DAY!

Bathtub Surface Renew vs. Replace:
Save 80%
Tile Surface Renew vs. Replace:
Save 85%
Sink Surface Renew vs. Replace:
Save 75%
Bath Surround Surface Renew vs. Replace:
Save 65%
Bath or Kitchen Countertop Surface Renew vs. Replace:
Save 80%
Fiberglass Shower Surface Renew vs. Replace:
Save 85%


Supreme Bath has earned a 5 Star Rating


My bathroom looked like absolute **** before Frank. He was awesome, easy to reach, courteous, neat, and punctual. Not only that, he was so fast! Seriously in and out and he left the bathroom looking amazing.

Supreme Bath has earned a 5 Star Rating


The most effective and also affordable nyc bathroom refinishing assistance is available in supreme bath refinishing. I've used some other company as well but Supreme Bath Refinishing is the best of the best. I am really happy with the service provided by them!!!!! They Really provide a great service with affordable price as well........ :)

Supreme Bath has earned a 5 Star Rating


Supreme Bath Refinishing is great. They are very knowledgeable and real expert in Brooklyn bathroom refinishing. i have no problem recommending them to all friends, family, and others in the future.

Supreme Bath has earned a 5 Star Rating


Great service from the first phone call to the technician nicely cleaning up everything. The work was very professional and much better than the reglazes I've had in the past and the other thing I appreciate it was a checklist of things I can't use against the surface of the new reglaze that will keep it looking knew I'd wish my last person had done that.

What our Customers say:
  • “Perfect! There is no other word to describe them. My bathroom was reglazed in one day and it looked like I never had all that stains and rust. They even fixed big chips in my bathtub. I never thought that it is possible. I highly recommend Supreme Bath Refinishing Brooklyn. Great job!”

    -Brianna, M!

  • “My bathroom looked like absolute **** before Frank. He was awesome, easy to reach, courteous, neat, and punctual. Not only that, he was so fast! Seriously in and out and he left the bathroom looking amazing.”

    -Viktoria, J

  • “Frank and his team has been reglazing a lot of bathtubs in our Hotel for about 3 years already. Great service and always on time. You can't ask for more! Thank you guys and good luck.”

    -Shahzad, Shahid! Essex House

  • “We have been renovating our club for about 2 years. When it was time for our bathroom shower stalls to be refinished Supreme Bath Refinishing Brooklyn was a great choice. Good price, high quality=totally new bathroom!”

    - Mike, National Women Republican Club!

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